Solus Corporation

Solus Gas Stove- Double Burner Steel Body


Technical Specification

SS Panel Thickness            : 0.35mm

Glass Panel Thickness       : 7mm

Heat Flow Rate                    : 4.5 + 4.5 KW

Gas Pressure                       : 2800/2000PA

Ignition                                  : 50K Times

Burner                                   : 100mm+120mm

Body and other parts:

Slim type iron body with black coating, 0.35 mm thickness, 710 mm length, Iron pipe with zinc plated, elbow connector, Steel water tray, black iron pan supporter with LOGO, black small iron grill, MS long bar, punching logo and brand name in the middle of the body.

120 MM Burner 3


Heavy cast iron burner

Size: 100mm + 120mm

Weight: 700g + 750g

Brass Burner Cap

Solus Gas Stove - SFSS-191 Pan Supporter

Pan Supporter

Black Iron With Logo

Black small iron grill

Solus Gas Stove Knob 2

Knob and Cover

Abs base

Abs knob

Solus Gas Stove - Auto Ignition


50K Times

Fire Proof Cable

Lock Fan