Solus Corporation

Solus Gas Stove- Double Burner Built In Iron Body


Technical Specification

SS Panel Thickness            : 0.35mm

Glass Panel Thickness       : 7mm

Heat Flow Rate                    : 4.5 + 4.5 KW

Gas Pressure                       : 2800/2000PA

Ignition                                  : 50K Times

Burner                                   : 120mm/120mm


Built in iron body 0.35mm thickness, Black color coating 730mm length & 370mm wide.

Other Parts: Metal knob, Iron pipe with zinc plated, Elbow connector, Steel water tray, Black iron pan supporter with LOGO, Black small iron grill.

Solus Gas Stove SFGD-196


Heavy cast iron burner

Size: 120mm + 120mm

Weight: 600gm + 600gm

Brass Burner Cap

Solus Gas Stove - SFSS-191 Pan Supporter

Pan Supporter

Black Iron With Logo

Black small iron grill


Hard Plastic




Solus Gas Stove - Auto Ignition


50K Times

Fire Proof Cable

Lock Fan